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Most people think that the history of asbestos is relatively recent because they believe that asbestos is a material that was recently discovered.

Greek slaves in the mines. though most city-states outlawed murdering slaves, ancient mine work was often a death sentence. the great Greek Philosophers hinted at the Hypocrisy of having slaves in a "free Society" Wikipedia/Public Domain

For the second time this week, trading was halted in Shanghai sending investors into a tailspin after the CSI 300 slipped a staggering 7 per cent just 30 minutes into the day on Thursday.

Women's Mag Blog: 6 Yoga Poses to Fight Low back Pain

Battle of the Bulge: Yoga to Get Rid of a Muffin Top Excess fat around the glutes, lower back, and abs all contribute to the muffin-top effect. Fight the appearance of bulge by strengthening and lengthening these muscles, helping to tighten the body along