1930 | Васнецов Ю.А.

1930 | Васнецов Ю.А.

Новогодние открытки 1950-х годов

I found it tucked in a box at the Collectors' Fair, I'm so happy :D ※ Buy hi-res scan of this postcard in my etsy shop Soviet Postcards!

Russian vintage New Year's postcard. 1970. The inscription is: "December, 31". New Year's (Christmas) glass ornaments.

Russian vintage New Year's postcard. The inscription is: "December, New Year's (Christmas) glass ornaments.

1954 год, худ.С.Забалуев

“Merry Xmas my dear little hedgehogski.” “And Merry Xmas to you, my darling fat pirozhki.

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