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two small vases with flowers in them
【Hideyuki Niwa Design】
a vase with blue flowers and rocks in it on a wooden table next to a white wall
Es ist Zeit
a white flower is in a black bowl on a table with branches and twigs sticking out of it
Блог - Икебана
Икебана Ikebana
an arrangement of flowers and greenery in a wooden basket on a tableclothed surface
2009年04月: ごくらく鳥花
a peony bud for ikebana.
some pink roses are in a black bowl
Ecole d’ikebana Ohara La Rochelle / Sud-Ouest - Moribana - Cours et stages d’art floral japonais (ikebana) de l’école Ohara de Tokyo
Ecole d’ikebana Ohara La Rochelle/Sud-Ouest - Moribana vertical - next picture
an arrangement of flowers in a white bowl
小原流について | いけばな小原流
an arrangement of orange flowers in a black vase
two white vases with pink flowers in them sitting on a gray surface next to each other
a green vase with purple flowers in it
Ikebana Class
Ikebana Class