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You know how we do-nut! 🍩😉 @wheatandposy's donuts looks picture purr-fect on noissue's custom Food Wrapping Paper😺 Available on the website 😀

noissue's Food Wrapping Paper is perfect for giving that extra oomph to your food presentations 😉 Create a set for your business on the website today!

Make your food wrapping paper design dreams come to life with noissue products! Available on the website. 😉

Food Packaging Design

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Choose from a range of sizes and customize it with your logo or designs in your preferred Pantone color - it's perfect for wrapping pastries for that much needed brunch vibes! ⚡️

🍩 Happy International Donut Day! 🍩

Celebrate today with some donuts (not us using it as a perfect excuse to stuff our mouths with 🍩 appreciation 🤭) and some packaging inspo from our Bites community 🙌🏻 Follow us to explore branded packaging ideas! ✔️

Get to know the noissue Greaseproof Food Wrapping Paper:

✔️ Made from FSC-certified 38gsm paper that’s acid-free, lignin-free, and sulphur-free

✔️ FDA-approved for use with food products

✔️ 100% recyclable and compostable

✔️ Comes in 7 different sizes

✔️ Available for double-sided printing with water-based foodsafe inks!

This product is uncoated to keep it compostable and plastic-free

Customize with a logo pattern for a compostable sandwich wrap or to-go box lining that’s unique to your branding

Pair with custom reusable paper coasters for an impressive dine-in or takeout experience

Bakery Packaging

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Level up your packaging game with fully customizable but sustainable alternatives! 😉 Here's some top-tier packaging design inspo from @epicmadestudio ✨

Complete your charcuterie boards with a branded food liner to seal the deal. 💯 Our disposable food liners are printed on FSC-certified paper with water-based foodsafe inks, and are fully compostable. 🙌🏻

Clamshell containers are a popular sustainable packaging choice for takeout food. Here's why you should consider using them in your business. 🥢 Read on!

Restaurant Branding

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a blue plate topped with pastries next to a glass of wine and a book
Lottie's Meats x noissue | Brand Feature
Lottie’s Meats “meats” expectations with their nutrient-packed and absolutely delish pork selection 🌭 paired with sustainable packaging from noissue 🌿 Read Lottie's Meats' feature here!
a cheeseburger with lettuce and bacon on a tray at krispy kreme
Rita's Deluxe x noissue | Brand Feature
DTLA’s Rita’s Deluxe takes us back in time with their 50s-inspired branding 🌟 modern take on fast food 🍔 and old-school-style food packaging 🌱 Read their feature here!
various stickers, tape and other items on top of a green surface with pink paper
Tacos Neza x noissue | Brand Feature
We chat to Tacos Neza, a family-owned Mexican restaurant 🌮 about reflecting their heritage into the food they serve and using noissue food packaging to present them with 🌿 Read their feature here!
a glass sitting on top of a wooden table next to a wrapper and napkin
Brixton Brewery x noissue | Brand Feature
One of the well-known beer brands in the UK, Brixton Brewery 🍻 chats with us about the friendship shared over a beer that started it all and their use of noissue sustainable packaging ⚡️ Read on!
two cups of coffee and a sandwich on a tray with paper wrappers sitting on a table
Cavalier 1.0 x noissue | Brand Feature
Cavalier 1.0, an espresso ☕ and toastie bar 🥪 takes their food packaging to a whole another level by using sustainable alternatives from noissue 🍃 Learn more about it here!
a table topped with lots of different types of food on plates and serving trays
Salt, Chilli & Lime x noissue | Brand Feature
Are you all in for the classic fish & chip shop with a modern twist? 😋 Salt, Chilli & Lime, a family-owned bar-resto, is all about that! Read all about their noissue food packaging essentials here! ✨
a table topped with plates of food next to glasses of beer and two trays of fries
Shippy's x noissue | Brand Feature
Southampton's iconic restaurant Shippy's chats with us about its decades-long history of serving great food 🦪 and their use of noissue food packaging 🌿 to elevate their customers' dining experience 🍽 Read on!
a sandwich wrapped in paper sitting on top of a yellow plate
The Houston Blacklight x noissue | Brand Feature
Let The Houston Blacklight take you out of this world with their mouth-watering dishes served up in superb food packaging 🌠 Get immersed in the trippy world of THB and read their feature here! 😉
a person holding a red object in a brown box
Somm x noissue | Brand Feature
Somm's design is a mix of sophistication and utilitarianism—what better way to showcase it than using high-quality, branded packaging from noissue? ❤️ Learn all about Somm's branding and packaging journey only here!
a piece of pizza sitting on top of a white plate next to silver utensils
Ain't Nonna's x noissue | Brand Feature
The best pairing for serving up fresh Mediterranean food 🍝 is a branded and sustainable food-safe paper, exactly how Ain't Nonna's does it 🌱 Read our chat with the team at Ain't Nonna's only here!
two plates with food on them sitting on a wooden table next to the ocean and a cup of coffee
Sammy's x noissue | Brand Feature
To achieve food packaging that looks and feels branded, Sammy's, a Careel Bay café, partnered with noissue to achieve exactly that and more 🥪 Get to know Sammy's and their packaging essentials here!
a chicken sandwich with lettuce, tomato and pickles on a wooden cutting board
Tender Food x noissue | Brand Feature
We chat with Tender Food about their plant-based meat alternatives 🍔 and their use of noissue packaging for an all-around sustainable food experience 🌱 Read it here!
french fries are in a basket on the table next to a plate with cheese and sour cream
Middle Child x noissue | Brand Feature
Known for their iconic sandwiches and green branding, Philadelphia's Middle Child shares about bringing out the fun in every serving with their custom noissue food packaging 🥪💚 Read more here!