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Maria im Ährenkleid ca. 1490

Madonna of Ears, Salzburg, ca anonymous. 'Madonna of Ears' is a type of depiction of Mary in a dress decorated with golden wheat ears "as the fertile soil and untilled field of God called to bear fruit, a symbol for her virginal motherhood .

Queen of Stags, from The Stuttgart Playing Cards

Queen of Stags, from The Stuttgart Playing Cards Date:ca. 1430 Geography:Made in Upper Rhineland, Germany Culture:German Medium:Paper (six layers in pasteboard) with gold ground and opaque paint over pen and ink x 4 in.

Left: The King of Falcons in The Stuttgart Playing Cards, ca. 1430. German, Upper Rhineland. Landesmuseum Württemberg, Stuttgart. Right: Workshop of Konrad Witz (active in Basel 1434–44). The 9 of Falcons in The Courtly Hunt Cards, ca. 1440–45. German, Upper Rhineland. Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien

Curator Tim Husband introduces the exhibition The World in Play: Luxury Cards, and discusses the history of playing cards.