Nitish Gupta

Nitish Gupta

I am a human being???........ <<Trust Me I m a LIAR>>
Nitish Gupta
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Death Note, L. I am going to write your name in my Death Note, Light Yugami. An eye for an eye, my friend.

L is by far one of my favorite characters in all of the anime shows I watched! Watched all of deathnote in 2 days because it was so amazing I couldn't stop.

Goku  Mobile Wallpaper by mrblaze111

Son Goku < -- The Crazy Monkey King < -- > And JU-DO was one of the main interdiction from which there is no escape!

I am repinning this because its officially the most adorable thing ever, and for my best friend/ sister, Kacy Copeland!!

Whether you upgraded your OS, got a new phone, or are just plain getting tired of your old background, here are some fresh ideas for making that screen . View Unique and Inventive Cell Phone Lock Screens" and more funny posts on CollegeHumor