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a vase filled with pink flowers on top of a black tablecloth covered flooring
a painting of a woman with stars on her face and hands in front of her face
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two eyes with beads hanging from them in the grass
an x - ray image of two hands reaching towards each other in black and white
a painting of a woman with flowers and butterflies in front of a moon filled sky
a painting of a dog biting a person's hand with the caption where have i been all my life? she reptiles
fat flora
an image of a woman with her eyes closed and the caption says, i love you
a painting of purple and white flowers on an orange background
still life quick heart
a butterfly with two wings spread out in front of it's head and body
Carsten Witte - Psyche #2
a close up of a painting of a man and a dinosaur
The Stars, Sun, Moon, all shrink away