Выкройка необычной юбки с запахом, 42-54

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"Квадратная" юбка / Простые выкройки /

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easy tutorial for this skirt - WORTH A LOOK - or 'Great things you can do with a circle skirt!

Multi-Length Jacket  Who has the closet space (or budget) for multiple black coats? Fortunately, with this nifty pick, all you have to do is unzip—and presto chango!—that formal knee-length style now hits at the waist for a more casual, everyday look. Or take it up another notch, and it’s a cool cropped bolero.    To buy: Geren Ford acrylic-blend jacket,

7 Multiuse Clothing Items

Nike News - Modularidade para o Corpo em Movimento: Coleção NikeLab x JFS

Nike News - NikeLab presents Johanna Schneider Women’s Training Collection: Modularity for the Body in Motion