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Это гость пост и прохладный кофе инфографики от Adams & Russell Оптовая кофе Петухи. Вы когда-нибудь нашел его борьбу, чтобы легко сравнить одиночные кофейные зерна происхождения при поиске ...

This is a guest post and cool coffee infographic from Adams & Russell Wholesale Coffee Roasters. Have you ever found it a struggle to easily compare single origin coffee beans when looking for . (Pour Over Coffee Vs French Press)

The Perfect Formula For Brewing Coffee, Down To The Gram

Coffee Brewing Ratio - This is just a starting guide, play with you gramage if you can, get different results, taste different coffee at different grind and gram levels.

Very cool infographic- lab inspired coffee making

Lab-inspired coffee The formula for a properly brewed cup of joe is: Temperature Grind size Time = Coffee. At the Portola Coffee Lab this formula is practiced on each cup using five methods: Japanese cold drip, Hario Siphon, Trifecta and Slay