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Poster for the film «A glass eye»,  Nikolay Petrovich Prusakov, 1929

Before the Soviet Revolution there was the Silver Age, the time of unprecedented flowering of visual, literary and performance arts in Russia. Russian cinematography spread its wings and developed from intriguing novelty into a legitimate form of art.

'Don Q, Son of Zorro' Movie Poster

Don Q, son of Zorro starring Douglas Fairbanks. Poster created by the Stenberg Brothers in Motion picture poster for the film "Don Q, son of Zorro", showing Douglas Fairbanks, in the role of Don

The Policemen, another “Pat and Patachon” comedy (Denmark, 1928). Poster by the Stenberg brothers.

Above: Battleship Potemkin (Sergei Eisenstein, USSR, Poster by the Stenberg brothers. On November at Christie’s Auction House in London, a


These wonderful Soviet police posters from the to the which were featured on Vintage Everyday, are motivational, instructive, and sometimes very strange.

soviet postcard and posters | Кто приучает детей к спиртным напиткам

Soviet ANTI-Alcohol Poster Unknown artist Who teaches kids to start drinking?

Пайщик ПЕРКООПа прими активное участие...

Пайщик ПЕРКООПа прими активное участие...