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a quilted table runner on a wooden table
Retomando el blog. Camino de mesa
Punto...¡y final!: Retomando el blog. Camino de mesa
an open book is sitting on the floor next to some colorful pillows and vases
DIY Floor Cushion
Who loves a fat-quarter-friendly project?! Me, me, me! You can almost make this entire project with fat quarters, but for the side panels, I did use yardage. If you wanted you could piece together your side panels for a scrappier look! Get the free, printable template and tutorial to sew your own giant floor pillow. #homedecor #diy #pillow #cushion #floor #tuffet #pattern #tutorial #free
a colorful painting with the words happy vibes written on it
TOP 37 Mejores Fondos de Pantalla Vintage para tus dispositivos móviles
Los Mejores 37 Fondos de pantalla Vintage
a notebook with many pictures and hearts on the cover that says badgirls mars
a spiral notebook with many different pictures and words on the cover, including women's faces
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a magazine with pictures of women on the front and back cover, including photos of people in different outfits
MPL - Beastie Book Club
DIY: Magazine Collage Notebook for Teens!