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Excellent color photo of men of the Blue Division (Spanish: División #Azul, German: #Blaue #Division), or 250. Infanterie-Division in the German Army, a unit of Spanish volunteers that served in the German Army on the Eastern Front during WW2.

The Blue Division (Blaue Division), or Freiwilligen Division in the German Wehrmacht, was a unit of Spanish volunteers that served on the Eastern Front. Photo shows members of the Blue Division's (Valencian) Regiment.

The Ruins of Normandy: Rare Color Photos From France, 1944 |

American military medics drive through the rubble and ruins of a Normandy town in the summer of Frank Scherschel, who shot the series of photographs, was an award-winning staff photographer for LIFE magazine.

This color photo of D-Day is great.

Operation Overlord ~ Invasion of Normandy aka D Day: remembering family members today and thanking all our military men & women who are defending our Freedom.

American soldiers in a Higgins boat before landing in Normandy, 6th june 1944.

US Army Rangers awaited the invasion signal in a landing craft in an English port, circa early Jun photo 1 of note the bazooka and the Garand rifles