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a white mask with sharp teeth and large spikes on it's head is shown
Masks enabled an actor to appear and reappear in several different roles, making sure that the audience did not identify one actor to a specific character. The variations in masks also helped the audience distinguish the sex, age, and social status of the character.
a hand with a heart on it next to a skull shaped object that looks like a human hand
six clay masks with different shapes and designs on them are lined up in a row
Kim Murton
a person holding up a colorful mask on the wall
Osa Rosti ART on Instagram: "The many steps of making a wall mask in a short reel 😁! Actually I didn’t put in all of the steps (forgot to film some 😆)…anyway it’s quite a long process but a super fun one! 💜💜💜 This wall mask will hopefully be available in my Etsy shop in the beginning of this coming week 🙌 #mixedmediaart #papermacheart #makingart #creating #wallmask #homedecor #funart #colorfulart #painying"
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a woman holding up a sun mask made out of crayons