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45 Purposeful Mandala Tattoo Designs For Women Browse through over 7,500+ high quality unique tattoo designs from the world's best tattoo artists!

Mandalas have also been rescued by psychology. In this field they represent the totality of being. In fact, the mandala can be a guide to locate the man in his innermost core and thus integrate the different aspects of his life split.

Echoes - Tattoos

Mine will be like this, but in cursive, saying "I think of you, and let it go" with a red balloon on the end. It's the last line from one of my all time fave songs Red Balloons'.

eye tattoo on the back of the calve, super minimalistic gorgeous design + awesome placement, by @finelinervreter, pin: morganxwinter | illustration www.instagram.com/finelinervretert https://www.etsy.com/shop/finelinervreter www.finelinervreter.nl #minimalist_tattoo_back

// Its been way too long since my last tattoo post! As usual, as soon as the sun starts shining I get the ink itch, haha. Might be better to do it before it’s gets too sunny, ya dig? I cur…