patrones que he conseguido en la web, espero sea del gusto de ustedes tambien, poco a poco ire subiendo mas.
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an image of chickens and hens on paper
The image, reflecting the whimsical style of the illustrated chickens with unique outfits and accessories.
a drawing of an easter scene with eggs and flowers
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Nueva carpeta - patricia rojas - Picasa Web Albums
an image of a cartoon character in the air with numbers and symbols on it's face
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Nueva carpeta - patricia rojas - Álbumes web de Picasa
a drawing of a teddy bear in a dress holding a basket with apples on it
the coloring page for season's greetings
a black and white drawing of a snowman
two drawings of elephants with hats on their heads
a drawing of two teddy bears on top of each other
a drawing of santa claus on paper next to a pencil
a drawing of a teddy bear with a hat on his head and hearts in the other hand