add magnets to the front for a fishing game. Rainbow fish - The kids loved this! Sewed them by machine (which they love! And hand sewed sequins on with lots of help.VERY colorful and cute!

1376467_706561606038993_417487226_n.jpg (291×448)

क्या आपने try की है रिसाइकल्ड ज्वैलरी,इस समय है हॉट ट्रैंड में

Денис и Анюта Гольяновы - Озадаченный ёжик

Puzzled Hedgehog - hedgehog, gray, handmade toy in wool. Russian cartoon styles are often fantastic!

Inspiration: Would make cute tablet covers too.

just an idea.instead of putting finished product in a hoop, stretch it over small wood frame or book

Валяние (фелтинг) сухое и мокрое валяние, мастер классы для начинающих и мастеров - Страница 28

Needle Felted Toy Orange cat BasilSoft Sculpture by TashaToys

Оригинальные идеи для творчества

Carefully needle felted out of soft wool, these tiny houses, trees, and flowers nestle into a beautiful old teacup.

Felted bag by LISA KLAKULAK

This is only one of the many carefully felted and detailed…