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an advertisement for peanuts is shown in front of small toy buildings and people on the street
a milk carton sitting on top of a table next to toy cars and buildings
a pink purse sitting on top of a wooden table next to small blocks of wood
Dior Micro Bags Are as Small and Fun as You’d Think - PurseBlog
an assortment of cosmetics and skin care products displayed in front of a cityscape
Summer - Ici Paris
miniature people standing around a white and black tube with the word hourglass on it
a woman's pink high heeled shoe floating on top of a boat in the ocean
Amazon Luxury — Andrew B. Myers
Gucci Resort 2022.23 Fires Up Wanderlust in Images by Max Siedentopf Wanderlust, Gucci, Luxury Sale, Antique Perfume, Resort, Resort Collection, Advertising Photography, Visual Design
Gucci Resort 2022.23 Fires Up Wanderlust
Gucci’s resort 2022 collection may win the fashion crown for best global hot spots bags ever. Max Siedentopf creates larger than life images where models including Anok Marial, Mathilde Buoso and Ruiqi Jiang tower above the little people, styled by Luca Galasso. Gucci Creative Director Alessandro Michele looms large with his beautiful wit in high gear as he wings around the world. Next stop unknown.