Vogue Knitting Early Fall 2017 - 轻描淡写 - 轻描淡写

Vogue Knitting Magazine Early Fall 2017 Photos of each pattern included in this edition, along with yarn requirements, can be found here.

Knitting Traditions Spring 2014

The eighth edition of Knitting Traditions features historical knitting articles and 21 companion knitting patterns that chronicle centuries of profit-oriented knitting throughout the world. From the Shetland Islands and Halland, Swed

Дуплет Спецвыпуск Брюггские кружева - 4 2013 - Дуплет - Журналы по рукоделию - Страна рукоделия

Next issue of the famous Duplet Brugge Laces series pages of pure spring of fantastic Brugge laces ideas Crystal clear schematic patterns a lot of them Must have in crocheters

Sweater Girls - 轻描淡写 - 轻描淡写

Sweater Girls: 20 Patterns For Starlet Sweaters Retro Wraps And Glamour Knits PDF - books library land