prop styling, product styling, and photography by Shay Cochrane | | pink, gold, black and white

Pink peonies, garden roses, floral, gold, black and white stripe styled desktop stock photography by Shay Cochrane

flat: all the subjects in this photo are flat on the surface and appear two dimensional almost because the lighting doesn't allow a lot of shadows and is an example of open composition because there are multiple points of focus.

So, what the heck is a flat lay

Photography Is Easy To Learn About; Photo by Florenz. Photography might appear very complicated and involved, but if you know what you are doing, it can be a very exciting recreational activi

Make it happen!

M'dears, what you're about to feast your wedding-loving eyes on is complete gorgeousness. And of course, it would be coming from our darling friend Rhiannon of Hey Gorgeous Events. Her recent Trouvaille Workshop was an explosion of pretty to say the

Купить "Лесная нимфа" венок - обруч для волос, подарок для девочки, подарок, украшение для волос

Купить "Лесная нимфа" венок - обруч для волос, подарок для девочки, подарок, украшение для волос

Считается, что если улыбаться чаще, то и #настроение будет лучше (т.е. обратная зависимость). Интересно, если воспользоваться этой инфографикой, сразу станешь успешным? Или не сразу? ;-)

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Blush Pink Desk Collection2 #18

A designer's dream, branding images in colors light pink, blush pink, and soft pink! Shop styled stock photography from the SC Stockshop in every brand color!

the simple joys of freshly cut Lilacs…and combined with a mason jar, amazing.

Love this! I have some old tulip crates that would make great trays! old crate repurposed as serving it.

b is for bonnie design x SC Stockshop Collaboration | styled blush and gold desktop styling and stock photography

Blush Pink and Gold Desktop styling. Styled Stock Photography for creative…