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a person holding a hot dog with toppings on it and the words how to make carrots taste like hot dogs seriously?
The Best Carrot Dog Recipe - vegan, vegetarian, and plant-based hot dog recipe for summer cookouts
freshly baked yellow donuts in a muffin tin
Vegan Chickpea Flour Bagels {grain-free, oil-free}
an image of scrambled eggs on a plate with the words vegan scrambled eggs over it
Just Vegan Egg Scramble Your Own JUST Egg!
Just Vegan Egg Scramble Your Own JUST Egg! | Planted365
an image of plant based eggs made from pepita's and green pumpkin seeds
Vegan Pumpkin Seed Scramble {soy-free, oil-free}
Easy plant-based eggs, perfect for a scramble, made from blended pepitas (green pumpkin seeds)! They are soy-free, oil-free, gluten-free, easy-to-make, and can be made ahead. #pepitascramble #wfpb #pumpkinseed scramble #veganscramble #veganscrambledeggs #soyfree #oilfree #oilfreevegan #pepitas #pepitascrambledeggs #eggfreescramble #veganprotein #plantbasedeggs #plantbased #vegan #notofu #ketovegan #keto #veganketo #cleaneating #cleaneats #glutenfree #eggreplacement
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a white plate topped with fried food next to a fork
Nutritional Yeast Tofu
how to make tofu taste like chicken best taste and texture
How to Make Tofu Taste Like Chicken (best taste and texture!)
waffle tofu on a white plate with the title overlay reads how to use your waffle iron to cook to crispy perfection
Waffle Tofu!
Overhead photo of a pile of bacon strips on a round white plate with text reading: best ever vegan bacon
Best Ever Vegan Bacon (with rice paper)
Elevate your brunch game with this easy and fun rice paper bacon! Made with simple pantry ingredients, it's vegan, cholesterol-free, and can easily be made gluten-free. With its smoky-salty-sweet flavor, it tastes just like the bacon we grew up eating and even sizzles while it cooks! Serve it with tofu scramble for an epic vegan brunch or on a vegetarian BLT!
vegan powered cheese macaroni and cheese in a jar
Vegan Powdered Cheese (Mac and Cheese Mix) - Plant Based Jess
Vegan Powdered Cheese (Mac and Cheese Mix) - Plant Based Jess
the ingredients to make vegan parmesan cheese sprinkle on a black background
How To: Make Vegan Parmesan Cheese Sprinkle