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a modern kitchen with an arch in the center and shelves on both sides that are open
Architectural Symmetry Meets Minimalist Decor
An archway provides a graceful transition between rooms, its curve a gentle contrast to the geometric precision of the shelves and cabinets. A plush, ribbed sofa offers a welcoming spot for repose, its softness balancing the room's sleek edges. The neutral color palette of grays and browns speaks volumes of understated luxury, making it clear that design ideas like these are timeless.
a large white couch sitting in the middle of a living room next to a table
Кухня-гостиная 30м2 | Kitchen-living room 30m2 от студии SAVOE
a living room with white couches and wooden walls in front of a large window
Modern Design Ideas for Compact Homes
Create a cozy retreat with warm, inviting colors and plush textures. Discover tips for layering fabrics, adding soft lighting, and incorporating personal touches to make your living room the ultimate comfort zone
a dining room table with white chairs and two hanging lights above it, next to a bookshelf
V . I . O . L . A
V . I . O . L . A on Behance
a long hallway with two vases on either side and a bench in the middle
The Minimalist Hallway Design Guide You Need To See
The Minimalist Hallway Design Guide You Need To See