figure of a snowman from plastic cups

Take a look of several Snowman Christmas crafts ideas that we selected for your inspiration.We do not know whether we will be snow for Christmas Eve, but this snowman is something that will bring joy to every home.

mirror house photo

Mirror House by Ekkehard Altenburger. Your body is merely a reflection of the world.

отель на дереве в Испании

Cabanes als Arbres, a treehouse + vill resort in in the Guilleries Forest of Northern Catalonia. No running water or electricity, but lovable loos in each suite.

the house caves in China

Yaodong - 30 million contemporary Chinese people live in cave structures due to the comfortable environment they offer

mirror house in new York

The Cadyville Sauna is built into a rock cliff, which forms one of its interior walls. Designed by Dan Hisel.

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