New article on pool lighting design is ready! Both for inground and above ground pools. Floating LED jelly-fish lamps, under-stairs and pedestal lamps, twinkling LED lights and much more at

Mimicking the ocean's natural illumination, these sea jelly water lights create a soft and radiant glow ideal for outdoor soirees or night pool parties. A delightful, accent to any water environment.

How to build pool pump cover DIY -

A pool pump is a key piece of equipment for keeping your pool working properly and therefore it is essential to keep it secure and protected. Most pool pumps are …

How to remove algae from pool: best pool algae killer -

Green algae is a common swimming pool problem, which may appear as a greenish growth on the floor and walls of a swimming pool, a green tint to the pool.

How to install solar panels to heat a pool -

In DIY solar pool heater installation - the most difficult part is to actually install a solar panel properly, and don't forget to mount a piping.

Pool lighting installation guide is out! This article shows you that installing or replacing a swimming pool light by yourself is a simple task for a couple of hours.

If you need to change a pool light, first shut off all power to the pool lighting via electrical box. Then pre-assemble your new lights.

Inground and above ground pool heaters you can use for your swimming pool -

There are at least a few options for pool heater: running on gas, on solar power, and simply electric. You could even make DIY pool heater.

Best gas heaters for your swimming pool -

Integrity Pools is a fully licensed swimming pool contractor located in the Gilroy CA area. We offer repair and maintenance of pools and other services.

Clogged pool pump problems and solutions -

How to fix clogged pool pump DIY

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