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Ned Kampmann

Pool enthusiast. Developing my own website about building and designing pools - :)
Ned Kampmann
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This article is about a thing you cannot build a proper surface or inground swimming pool - swimming pool pumps. Expert opinion about pool pump choosing.

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There are number of equipment that will enhance the swimming pool experience. Ladders, rail bars and diving boards are some of the key equipment.

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Integrity Pools is a fully licensed swimming pool contractor located in the Gilroy CA area. We offer repair and maintenance of pools and other services.

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Intex Above Ground Pool Vacuum. To view many photos throughout Awesome Intex Above Ground Pool Vacuum Ideas photos gallery make sure you adhere to this kind of

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How to remove scale from pool tile -

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In DIY solar pool heater installation - the most difficult part is to actually install a solar panel properly, and don't forget to mount a piping.

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Green algae is a common swimming pool problem, which may appear as a greenish growth on the floor and walls of a swimming pool, a green tint to the pool.