Кулагина Анастасия

Кулагина Анастасия

Кулагина Анастасия
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Cicero Plushie by TwoToneFools

Resubmitted with in mind, because she took this version and crafted a doll after it, and was sweet enough to mail it to me. OuO Can't thank her enough.

Ehhhh espero que no pase a mayores y supongamos que el/la que esta siendo abrazado/a se hace de rogar por un mimo...

Unknown Artist Couple Spooning in Bed

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Timeless: Welkin Dream by White-Mantis.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Vygo and Indrys in their dragon forms, sharing a friendly noseboop among the clouds. They can't transform into their dragon forms, for the knowledge of .

Francoeur by x-EBee-x

Fan art for the film A Monster In Paris. I've been a teensy weensy bit obsessed with this movie since I finally watched it for the first time last week .