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Photo of a sorrowful chapel at Sternberg, Czech Republic by Vladimir Dolezel

this dark scene with fog is good because it sets the scene and makes it look more scary and forbodes something bad which is going to happen, with the church yard in the background and the tree with no leaves


The colors in this photo are perfect. I love the intertwining tree branches and glowing moon in the background. This picture embodies an autumn night in my mind.

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As the Misty fog flows over the ground a beautiful trio of red deep roses show there bright heads . These roses look so mysterious with the fog growing thicker and thicker behind them but they are not afraid they shine on.

Moon Light Roses

The red rose glowed in the pale blue light of the full moon. As he looked at it he was reminded of a time long ago, of the woman he had lost through his arrogance. This gleaming rose was the last of her he had to treasure.

Night Fog

"Overhead, the clouds stretch across the sky like some monstrous spider web, dewed with stars. Tiny planes from the mainland whir towards the yellow moon, only to become cobwebbed by cloud.

Y a donde quiera fuera, el lobo raudo la seguía                              …

Another month, another full moon. I'm sitting under a tree thinking about how nice it would be to be apart of a larger pack when I hear you walk up beside me.