want the hair/lip combination.

Bright Red Purple Hair Royal Blue Grey/Silver Hair Rainbow Hair Pastel Colors Two-Toned Hair Neon Colored Ombre 2 Hues of Same Color Fire Hair

красота, синий, тесьма, красочно, цветные волосы, цвета, окрашенные, окрашенные волосы, волосы, прическа, розовый, фиолетовый, стиль

After just 2 days of silver hair, My HairBestie came back to film another hair adventure fun coming soon inspired by the new of the year with some custom extensions using vivids Taken by guy_tang on Tuesday December 2015

Стрижка боб и её виды

Beautiful short messy red bob hair cut with an eye catching hint of purple. Love this cut and style. I don't mind the purple, but for me, it would be optional.