Waaa .. Kawaii anime drawing ! Red riding hood ? hahaha , maybe ~ I like red . (^w^)/

Adorable kawaii anime illustration - little girl in red rain coat & umbrella in a big puddle - or a version of little red riding hood

Please don't wash away the colors....

Sketch idea - Please don't wash away the colours in my already black and white world. (I didn't write that but still cool)>>> I think I might draw this only it would be raining down colors on the black and white world

gorrito osito

These cute little character designs have been created by Belgium illustrator Marie Breuer. Marie's portfolio is full of fantastic little characters just like the

Borja Montoro                                    Character Design: Zootopia I

On the Spring of 2014 I was hired by Disney Animation to help on Zootopia's Character Designs.