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ok who made this 吴亦凡quotes; To me, Exo is a pizza. Every member is a slice, and we can only become a whole when all 12 of us are together!

To me, EXO is pizza Every slice has a different taste, but they are one pizza. Even if two pieces are already eaten


And it hurts to know that he is taken. I HATE Taeyeon. I can tell her apart from all of the other girls in their MV Gee. That's how much I hate her.

real_pcy: Köpeğime senin adını koysam nasıl olur?  Adın ne?  XxX  Boy… #hayrankurgu # Hayran Kurgu # amreading # books # wattpad

{Gif} when Jongin catches the bottle with his feet,… LOL his face! - Kai sometimes he seems like a little kid to me whn he's playing around with exo

keke teacher Kris is being such a troll~!! keke Kris saw what you did there~!! ;) keke aigo~

keke teacher Kris is being such a troll~! keke Kris saw what you did there~!) keke aigo~ ======================================================================== What If Kris was a real teacher. Your teacher?