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reciprocal roof perfect idea for the tree house then either geo dome on top of that or stained glass

Tithe Barn – Grange du XIVè s de l'Abbaye de Shaftesbury, Dorset (Angleterre) - Crédit Photo : Tricky

Interior of Tithe Barn, near Bath, England. Built in the early century. Timber vaulted ceiling typical example of medieval architecture.

Aubigny - clocher tors

Aubigny sur Nère un lanterneau Cher France-

charpente-chêne-neuf-rabotée-à-l-ancienne-et-passée-à-la-chaux-.jpg (500×376)


Tie Beam to Plate Tying Joint - As its name implies this tying joint, joins together a tie beam, plates, rafter and posts all in a compact structurally sound way.  It utilizes a spline to tie the plates together and traditional mortise and tenon joinery to complete the rest of the joinery.  http://timberframehq.com/timberframeconstructiondetails/tie-beam-plate-tying-joint/

When rafters, tie beams, plates and posts collide special consideration is needed from the designer and joiner, as in this tie beam to plate tying joint.