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Scindapsus | сциндапсусы эпипренумы

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Растение нефролепсис (Nephrolepis) является видом рода папоротников семейства Ломариопсисовые. В отдельных классификациях данное растение относят к семейству Даваллиевые.

Ferns | папоротники

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Begonia Muara Waha FREE SHIPPING 2inch Pot Terrarium Culture - Etsy
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Terrarium plants

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Dark Plants

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Caladium | каладиум

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If you're looking for information on monstera dubia care and propagation, this is for you! I'm covering everything I've done right and wrong, including how I killed my first plant and how I'm ensuring I don't do it a second time.


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Epipremnum aureum ‘Manjula’ (Happy Leaf) este o planta curgatoare, ce se foloseste de radacini pentru a se fixa si a creste pe inaltime. Este o planta spectaculoasa, cu frunze variegate in forma de inima, renumita pentru rezistenta sa, fiind o planta ce necesita ingrijiri minime. Fiecare frunza prezinta variatii unice.Planta este vanduta sub diverse denumiri comenciale: Epipremnum/Scindapsus Happy Leaf, Pothos 'Manjula', etc..Epipremnum aureum ‘Manjula’ este o varietate obtinuta si patentata de

Epipremnum | эпипремнум

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Syngonium | Сингониум

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Homalomena | хомаломена

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This is part 1 of my pap clone series!! Ever since I began deep diving into Anthuriums, I’d wished there was some organized informational… | Instagram

Anthurium | антурыум

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Ludisia discolor. Got one!


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Alocasia | Алоказия

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Heavenly Girl (Хевенли Гел), H.Pittman, полумини | Fialki.ru
Heavenly Girl (Хевенли Гел), H.Pittman, полумини | Fialki.ru

Saintpaulina | Сенполии |Фиалки

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Hoya | Хойя

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Observation: Peperomia marmorata pink lady (planties pink May 17, 2021) Gardens by the Bay - Cloud Forest - Pl@ntNet identify


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Philodendron | Филодендрон

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Аглонема | Aglaonema *poison

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Don't miss out on the opportunity to own this botanical masterpiece. Embrace the beauty and benefits of the Hoya wibergiae in your home today. Add it to your cart and experience the joy of cultivating a truly exceptional plant.
Hoya patella


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