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очумелые ручки

Pencil box from six old CD/DVD discs. Recycling *and* organizing!

Картина из соленого теста своими руками. Автор: Лариса Иванова


Blätter-Adern, einfach zu machen Alles was du brauchst sind Blätter und Soda & Farbe:

листья Skeletonization of leaves - the process simple, but requires patience and accuracy. All you need is: leaves (better to collect the autumn, then they are more dense), baking soda and food coloring.

Craft with CDs Ideas and InspirationVitamin-Ha | Vitamin-Ha

Nice Project Using Old CDs. Supply list doesn't mention that you also need some pretty napkins or fabric.And where it says varnish I would use Mod Podge.

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Своими руками