More Holly. Isn't Laurel Long's artwork beautiful? If I lived in Victorian New York City, I would definitely own the local toy shop.

Magical Christmas Toyshop Painting by Laurel Long - I like the proper long-haired Elf up in the the corner of the balcony.

Russian Crafts seria by Mila Losenko

Watercolor, processing in PS Imitation obvinskoy painting Other works from the series "Russian crafts"  

Русские народные росписи и ремёсла

"Khohloma" – an artwork (watercolour) by Mila Losenko, a contemporary Russian artist. It was inspired by the traditional folk painting from the Russian village of Khokhloma.

Мила Лосенко. - Елена Прекрасная -

Мила Лосенко. - Елена Прекрасная -

- Russian beauty - Warm October - by on @DeviantArt

Watercolor, processing in PS - Russian beauty - Warm October -

- Commissions OC Sephira - by Losenko on DeviantArt

Watercolor + processing in PS Commission for My commission info: - Commissions OC Sephira -