Natalie Shubchinskaya

Natalie Shubchinskaya

Natalie Shubchinskaya
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Ed Vebell illustration to “Loneliness Is Dangerous” by Harry Coren. Sunday Mirror Magazine, August 14, 1955

funnster: “ Ed Vebell illustration to “Loneliness Is Dangerous” by Harry Coren. Cutline: “Alone in the midst of millions, the girl, who longed to talk to someone, stood on her fire escape as the voices of others, enjoying the companionship denied.

Oregon coast

As in the depths of the sea, the sun-crystal coastline, sun-kissed sands, opalescent ripples of water, cool cobalt shoreline.from above a picturesque stained glass sea of life. Oregon coast - photograph by Russell Tomlin.

Mars is a world of extremes. Even a medium-sized canyon named Hebes Chasma on the Red Planet would rank among the biggest on Earth. Imagine ...

Hebes Chasm on Mars. It forms a giant trough nearly miles km) deep, of Valles Marineris, the largest canyon system in the solar system. Taken with the High Resolution Stereo Camera on Mars Express.

Orange Sand Dunes on Mars

Orange Sand Dunes (on Mars) by Stuart Rankin (i thought this was a brownie recipe before i read the description!