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Natalie Kononova

Natalie Kononova
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New Headmaster by on @deviantART

School is out for a few weeks, so I've had the opportunity to dust off the Wacom tablet. An entire year almost went by without a picture of this pair fr. New Headmaster

McGonagall vs Snape

I think they're talking about Quidditch. (Or rather, Snape is commenting on the fact that the Slytherin team has beat Gryffindor yet again and how he wo. Snape and McGonagall

The Letters From No One ⚡ by Natello's Art   Harry Potter

Victoire Weasley (taurus ~ stubborn and lazy, sensual and ambitious from what I’ve heard x)) for the Harry Potter zodiac project that you can check out here (a lot of cool artists! ) We drew .