Lindo Quadro...

Pink Elephant Painting on 3 canvases. Very cute and a very simple easy DIY that would make a perfect thoughtful baby shower gift!

Reciclar e Decorar : decoração com ideias fáceis: Decorando paredes - Ideias Craft

Decorando paredes - Ideias Craft

more whale art, i think this might be my fav so far, and i think I could actually pull it off!

Just trace and cut from magazines, create your own mural. I love all the colors. No link for this but I love anything with kids hands.

Possible idea for next years art auction project. Looks like the handprints were cut out magazine pages.

DIY Paper Flower Ornaments:

Fer Gomez posted diy, paper flower, ornaments, tutorial to their -For the home- postboard via the Juxtapost bookmarklet.

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