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Vulpes by on @DeviantArt

TWO ROTTEN APPLES. Rita's super handsome boy Kai and my obnoxious clown, Aeric. :Y They're bffs~ About Aeric himself, his full name is Aeric Liska, he's and his greatest passion (besides stirri.

Unicorn by CrystalCurtis on deviantART

Little bit of catharsis. It was Luke's birthday on Nov and I forgot to make him a nice portrait or something to celebrate, so I threw some colors on this sketch.

Random1 by on @DeviantArt

Some slowly developing characters, I guess. art & characters © Julie Curtis (=firstfruits) Please do not use without permission, thank you!


Some sketches of the band duuuuuudes. Drew Skylar from a reference photo of a guy drinking and then the other three just kinda popped in on their own.