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People forget this line a lot. Yes, Ten/Rose is fantastic. But Nine loved her first.

"I could save the world but lose you." I think a lot of people forget about this quote. It is the first time it is clear the Doctor is falling in love with Rose. And you so clearly see her strength when she just turns to him and says "Do it.

I’ve just created my ’Who Am I?’ #personality profile via @VisualDNA. Check it out https://whoami.visualdna.com/?c=us#feedback/d9cfc1ea-b5e4-4925-9e21-040f94d0de46 or create one for yourself https://whoami.visualdna.com/

This is the best personality test I have ever taken. It has a unique approach that is way more fun than others, and it is astonishingly accurate! You should definitely take a couple minutes to check it out

Dr Who Art. 9.

Check out this incredibly awesome set of Doctor Who poster fan art created by ElectroCereal. He’s created three illustrations; one for the ninth, tenth, and eleventh doctors.