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MRW my neighbours decorated overnight for Thanksgiving Halloween AND Christmas #reaction #gif

My face in the movie theater when Tauriel started "glowing." Sure your face was the same no?<---- and a couple other things in The Hobbit

Martin Freeman is so adorable.

Martin Freeman: chiseled from sunshine, marshmallows and sass. Did I mention how adorable he is?<--- This is without a doubt my favorite description of Martin ever.

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Martin at the Giffoni Film Festival (x)

therealmartinsgrrrl: “ sherlockens: “ Martin at the Giffoni Film Festival (x) ” No one is as low key hilarious as Martin ”

I cannot wait for the memes!!!!! (gif)

25 Things That Happen When You Fall In Love With A British Guy. This guy is making me come awefully close. :) I love Amanda in the background!

This is incredibly sexy.

Since I’m missing this guy quiet a bit, I thought I could bring back some of my 2014 stage door pics from Richard III.

What an ass! I already want to punch him.

I already want to punch him. Yeah, punch his lips with mine. I can do this all day long watching him licking his lips