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I wish I was here

Awww this is heartbreaking


littlechmura: “ ARE YOU THIRSTY? I’m going to create 4 more of those ( my friend suggested 10 but it’s a crazy idea). It’s going to be a gallery of fandom hotties - choose your hubby if you like.


artofpan: The train station scene with age-accurate Sirius (huge pet peeve of mine in the movies). Remus: (x)- ya, he would have only been in his mid- thirties but in the movie he looks closer to late-fifties

Draco malfoy

Happy Birthday my Queen ! HUGS AND KISSES ““You want adventure,” he supplied. “Adrenaline junkie,” he added, flashing her a rare smile.” “My adventures don’t usually end with bullet wounds,” she pointed.

Scared Potter? You wish.  Raccolta Humor sulla Drarry #casuale Casuale #amreading #books #wattpad

alekina: “-I see old habits die hard, Potter. What’s to be done about that?- it’s only fitting i started this year with some good ol’ Potter/Malfoy :D (many thanks to frnkly for commissioning me and being super chill about it! i got to paint whatever.