"If you surrendered to the air, you could ride it" - Toni Morrison

romancelovelust: “There was a chance she would fall into the water. Although she would have liked better odds, those were good enough. She gathered her strength, wrapped herself in courage.and ran, full speed, towards the cliff.

Dearly Beloved

Disney Princess: Recreate 8 of the princess scenes in the forest. Don't be to cliche with dresses but use fancy dresses. Beauty and the beast: include hand held mirror and rose in glass jar. Him in blue slacks with a white dress shirt.

Let it flow❤

Lovely Fashion photography, Russian photographer Ravshaniya has created a twist on the fashion photos by letting the subjects appear like levitating or flying. And not just the models were on air but even some objects around them.

still dreaming by anka_zhuravleva, via Flickr

Tea time: This piece appears to be inspired by Alice in Wonderland as the model pours tea alongside a white rabbit - by Russian artist and photographer Anka Zhuravleva

Beautiful fantasy photography

♒ Mermaids Among Us ♒ art photography & paintings of sea sirens & water maidens - The sorrowful Naiad II by NataliaLeFay.

In the Clouds

A once upon a time, happily ever after kind. I wish on dandelions and shooting stars. NSFW none of the pictures are mine unless it is specifically tagged as such.

Blue Fantasy Photography/Art.

The Key Of Life by Anemyah <~ "Why won't you give me the key, little birdie?" She said this calmly, but her evil intentions seeped into her voice, butchering the word birdie.