Narina Avakyan
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Perfect black dress lbd

Everyone needs a little black dress.but what you don't know is that everyone also needs a big/long black dress. Or maybe I should just say you can never have to many black dresses!

Lashfully Lash Bar... I want something similar for my makeup station

Precedent (Lashfully Lash Bar) - Large worktop used as a combined work station. Decor - middle ground between a typical therapy room and a more eclectic collection.

beauty with no name

Stunning Holiday Party Makeup Ideas 2013 are here to create a perfect style statement this season. Now is the time to bling-up your beauty with these ideas

Dream a little dream

THIS NEVER happens in real life. Maybe if it were a bass boat with a cooler packed with beer you might get something in the realm of this without flowers and tenderness but that's ok with me lol. Lets rock the boat ;