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a woman sitting in a chair wearing a top hat and feathered coat with her legs crossed
Creeping Irrelevance
Florence Desmond. top hat. boa. cabaret chair. beautiful lighting
a woman with large white feathers on her back and arms in the air, holding two wings above her head
White Mink - 1920s Speakeasy Brighton
a woman standing on top of a box in front of a crowd
VH1's Top 100 Artists: A Musical Legacy Unveiled
Gypsy Rose Lee
an old photo of a woman in a dress with her hands on the waist and legs crossed
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Louise Brooks when she was in the Ziegfeld Follies in the 1920’s
an old fashion photo of a woman in tights and boots with her hands on her hips
Burlesque beauties of the 1890s: Stunning vintage photos of 'loose women in tights' who perfected the art of the tease
Burlesque dancer from the 1890's. This was considered risque, and very sexy. Note she is not rail thin.
an old photo of a woman in a dress
Petti Pictures--CanCan
an old photo of a woman in a short skirt with a hat on her head
four women dressed in fancy dresses and hats are walking down the street with their arms around each other
authentic fauxhemian
a-harlots-progress: Cancan, Paris, c1938 (Brassaï)
GYPSY ROSE LEE Burlesque Goddess Hollywood Actresses, Dita Von Teese, Actresses, Dancer, Mae West, Hollywood
GYPSY ROSE LEE Burlesque Goddess
an old black and white photo of two people dressed in costumes
Vintage Photography
Louise Brooks, 1927
a woman with pink hair holding a cupcake in her right hand and wearing a white corset
Burlesque Cupcake by OlayaValle on DeviantArt
Burlesque Cupcake .
an old magazine cover with two women looking at each other's clothes and the title play - pictorial
"Quality Street" at the Vaudeville - PLAY - PICTORIAL nº 4
an old fashion photo of a woman in costume with parasols on her head
Jenny Vaudeville... need to do more research...I think Vaudeville itself was named from her family or her herself