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a woman standing in front of a large piece of art
Tilda Swinton fait défiler le passé
Katerina Jebb
a black and white photo with lots of lights on the floor in front of it
Фотоподборка: пропускающие свет
a man standing in front of a painting on a easel next to a table
Art of " Karman Verdi "
two people are sitting at a table in front of a large painting on the wall
Доктор Лапкин - Ветеринарный кабинет
people are walking in the dark with their shadows on the wall and one person is holding his hand
Flashmag - Fashion & Lifestyle
an image of light coming from the ceiling in front of trees and lights on a wooden floor
Artist Journal, Carbon Obscura, Lloyd Godman
a man and woman standing in front of a white screen with shadows on it, facing each other
The Chalk Giants
a woman is standing in front of several lights on a black background with white squares
a woman standing in front of a curtain with her hands out
Ophelia's Shadow Theatre, отзывы на Спектакль – Афиша-Театры
three white lights shining in the dark with no one around them or on the ground
Anthony McCall: Solid Light Works