Lace Knitting Pattern with chart

This chart uses Russian knitting symbols, here is a guide that can help you decipher it: Russian to English knit chart translation More Patterns Like This!


Socks with lace pattern on the instep ~~ вязание-узоры носки

Drooping Elm Leaf stitch pattern

From the most basic stitches to the most complex, there are countless beautiful patterns for you to choose from that surely you will love.

Как ввязать резинку в резинку?

Технология вязания

Интернет-курс "Реглан сверху. Технология вязания. Раздел 1."

Интернет-курс "Реглан сверху. Технология вязания. Раздел 1."

Delikli Örgü Modelleri

Delikli Örgü Modelleri

Узор спицами.. Обсуждение на LiveInternet - Российский Сервис Онлайн-Дневников

These are a couple of versions of the Dragon Scales (aka: fish scales, knitted crocodile) stitch patterns for machine knitting. I called them the short version and the long version.

Russian Leaf - Knittingfool Stitch Detail text and chart instructions on website . many other stitches available