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~Porta amarela / Yellow Door Rua Fernandes Tomás, 749 - Porto - Portugal Love those colors: yellow, green, grey

Love this color! A yellow door would surely put a smile on who ever comes for a visit!! #yellowdoor

ENTRYWAY:: DOOR COLOR, ACCENTS, FRAMEWORK ~~ Bright sunshine yellow livens up neutral house exterior color. Smart that they picked it up again in the house address numbers. Wreath (especially gold ornaments) lights, greenery are homey, inviting.

Transform a standard hollow door by covering it with a photo!! A high resolution photo printed onto firm paper..lay door flat and glue it on..seal...perfect!!

aqua door: transform a standard hollow door by covering it with a photo! take a high resolution photo printed onto firm paper, lay door flat and glue it on, seal, and voilà!

Cool purple front door • photo: Home Edit

Cool Purple Color Front Door Ideas

so the first thing that pops into my head when I saw this was "wow that is a very purple door". the second thing was "it would be easy to give someone directions to your house. you would just be like its the purple door house.


Barcelona - València 213 d Casa Martí Llorenç 1906 Architect: Antoni Alabern i Pomar

love the numbers on the door!

Quick & Easy Exterior Fixes

choose a bright color like yellow + large house numbers to make your front door stand out. *I would love a yellow door but. Not with my yellow house.

beautiful door - india

Travel Inspiration for India - The colors of are endless! This grand entrance is great inspiration for a statement necklace.

Main entrance Brooklyn Public Library

Art Nouveau Main Entrance, Brooklyn Public Library, Brooklyn, New York

Colores de Mexico

orange door - I could do without the blue. I'd pick another color

Wilanow Palace in Warsaw

Warsaw, Poland ~ home of my ancestors. Was able to visit Krakow for a professional conference, but landed in and left from Warsaw so was able to spend a few hours.