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Loft интерьер квартиры 40 м2

kitchen island / Contemporary 40 square meter 430 square feet Apartment 17 - love that chunk of island, contrasts well with black flooring and all the lighting up top really throws shadows on the brick wall - TV

Идеи дизайна кухни |

Идеи дизайна кухни |

I kitchen island big enough for many to sit around and also big enough for us to roll out our cookies and noodles. Me and my kids always have such fun in the kitchen design design ideas decorating design

Кухня. Шкафы, Giulia Novars. Плитка, Vives Ceramica. Обеденный стол, The Idea. Стулья, Calligaris. Люстра, IKEA.

Функциональная квартира в Москве, 108 м²


Маленькая кухня: 19 небольших, но прекрасных проектов

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