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an image of a woman's tummy before and after her breast surgery in russian
an image of a bird flying in the sky with another bird sitting on top of it
Фотограф Джоселин Андерсон превысила лимит на удачу и сфотографировала черного дрозда, который путешествует на палке, которую держит в своих лапах скопа. Снимок уже прозвали "Один на миллион". Шеф, у реки останови. Это яндекс-такси в действии. на миллио! - Один на миллион. - ) / АйДаПрикол .)
an advertisement for the tv show's name is shown in three different languages, including one
two texts that are in different languages
Не очень адекватный юмор - ЯПлакалъ
a display in a grocery store filled with lots of different types of fruit juices
Весёлые картинки - 18 ;)
an open book with the words in russian and english on it's cover page
Мемы Аниме
an empty parking lot in front of a building with a large sign on it's side
Weird Russians
a newspaper with an image of the russian language on it and another article about what to do
Design, Marketing
Виноват ли дизайнер?
four different pictures with the words in russian and an image of two people looking at each other
a t - shirt with the words russian on it and an image of a flag
||𓂀 ℛℯ𝒶𝒸𝓉𝒾ℴ𝓃 𝒩𝒶𝓇𝓊𝓉ℴ𓂀||
there are many bottles of alcohol on display
08 March 2016 - Клуб любителей пива.
a yellow sign that is on top of a pole in front of some trees and snow
Маразмы и приколы из России (50 штук)
a baby is playing with blocks that spell out the word n and y on the floor
Ныряем в омут с головой! - ЯПлакалъ
an old door with a button on it and a sign that says, koly krupton
Реакции BSD