The one above the dog is an alpaca

Brownie Bowl Sundaes

Подборка прикольных фото №857 (86 фото)

Подборка прикольных фото №857 (86 фото)

QQb0fCINjNk.jpg 600×710 пикс

When she doesn't take diesel, but you.put diesel in, and your whole day is ruined

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#sex #секс #пошлые #сексуально #

#sex #секс #пошлые #сексуально #

Ilustraciones Cool por Valery Barykin 15

" // Pin Up posters by Valery Barykin is well-known in Russia. His works were exhibited in all major Russian cities alongside with the expo "Art versus Geography. The Cultural Alliance".

New Philippine paper money

The Philippines use the Philippine Peso for their money.