Идеи подарков

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a hot air balloon sitting on top of a window sill
a hand holding a glass ornament with a pink flamingo decoration on it
two pieces of paper with flowers and leaves on them sitting next to each other in front of a white box
Cricut and die cut shapes like these flowers and butterflies would look nice along the string or ribbon of gift wrapping. Cute and versatile idea for other types of crafts and other paper crafts as well.
a pink hat with two candles sticking out of it's top and some confetti on the bottom
Tutoriales para hacer las cajas de regalo más lindas del mundo
an ice cream box with two popsicle sticks sticking out of it and some candy
a wine bottle wrapped in plastic and tied to a counter top with flowers on it
cupcakes and marshmallows are arranged in plastic cups with candy sticks
Traktatie popcorn
there are many desserts in wine glasses with strawberries and candy on the sticks
someone holding up a card with marshmallows in the shape of a heart
DIY Karte mit Gummibärchen & Co